Professional furniture is expensive, especially for a young company. Fortunately, the second-hand office furniture market has developed, making it possible to acquire office furniture at low prices.

office table with books, PC, smartphone...

Use a service provider specialized in second-hand office furniture

In addition to the traditional suppliers of new corporate furniture, new service providers have specialized in second-hand office furniture.

When a company moves, is in liquidation or simply wants to change its furniture, it can resell, or simply recycle, its furniture: specialized service providers then come to recover the furniture and check its condition before reselling it.

Buying second-hand office furniture from a specialised service provider makes it possible to acquire furniture in large quantities (desks, chairs, meeting tables, storage units, reception desks) and at a minimal cost, with the certainty that the goods purchased are in good condition.

Used office furniture: use classified ad sites

In addition to the specialized service providers, there is of course the “traditional” circuit of classified ad websites. There are many second-hand office furniture for sale by individuals or professionals.

This solution allows you to find furniture at really attractive prices, even if you often have to come and pick up the furniture yourself. The choice and quantities are also more limited, but sometimes interesting lots can be found.